Extraordinary old-school sound.

made with passion, only by hand.


Maleducato Fuzz

The raw, gritty sound of the earliest fuzz pedals.

Big Ivan

Exceptional control over both clarity and bass frequencies.


The iconic sound of the early 1960s Silvertone amplifiers preamp section.


A Psychedelic Tribute by David Catching, Crafted by Grancasino Factory

Maleducato Fuzz


The MALEDUCATO FUZZ is a handmade guitar pedal inspired by the circuitry and design of 1960s and 1970s fuzz pedals.
As its name suggests, it’s a bit of a rough and unruly character, recreating the raw, gritty sound of the earliest fuzz pedals. The pedal features just two controls: a volume knob and a gain knob, which allows you to adjust the amount of fuzz distortion in your signal.
With its vintage-inspired circuitry and minimalist design MALEDUCATO FUZZ is a great choice for guitarists looking to add a bit of old-school grit to their sound.

Airline 59
Fender Telecaster
Gibson SG

Big Ivan


The BIG IVAN is a powerhouse of a guitar pedal that offers exceptional control over both clarity and bass frequencies. This pedal is a true beast, boasting a balanced frequency response, a powerful gain stage, and an incisive midrange. The DRIVE control offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to the amount of distortion you want to achieve. When set low, you can get a warm and vintage overdrive, but when you crank it up, things get really dirty.
The TONE control allows for meticulous adjustment of the brightness or softness of the tone, while the FREQUENCY potentiometer is a “boost/cut” control for the 100 Hz frequency level. With an enormous range that allows for a 12 dB increase or decrease in 100 Hz frequencies, this pedal is highly recommended for bassists as well!
The CURVE control allows you to round out the harsher midrange frequencies without compromising the cutting tone you get from the TONE control. It cuts the frequencies above 1 kHz by 6 dB, making it a valuable function for musicians who use a wide range of guitars and amplifiers. And of course, the BIG IVAN also offers plenty of VOLUME. The BIG IVAN is a versatile and powerful pedal that delivers exceptional tone and control over your sound.

Fender Precision Bass
Fender Telecaster
Gibson SG



The 1964 is a guitar pedal that is designed to recreate the iconic sound of the preamp section found in Silvertone amplifiers from the early 1960s.
The pedal was created by working on the primary preamp section of a model 1485 Silvertone amplifier and then refining and improving the sound with high-quality components.
The 1964 features four control knobs: gain, bass, treble, and volume. These controls allow you to adjust the amount of gain, as well as the bass and treble frequencies, to create your desired sound. The 1964 pedal is perfect for those looking to capture the classic sounds of the ’60s, but it also works well in modern guitar setups that want to add a touch of vintage tone.
With its high-quality components and meticulous attention to detail, the 1964 is a fantastic pedal that is sure to impress any guitar player. In this video you can hear a Gibson SG Custom Reissue ’61 through the 1964 into a Fender Deluxe Reverb.

Airline 59
Fender Telecaster
Gibson SG

Projects & Collaborations

The Fred


“The Fred” (FREQUENCY REARRANGING EXPERIMENTATION DEVICE): A Psychedelic Tribute by David Catching, Crafted by Grancasino Factory

In the vibrant heart of Joshua Tree, amidst the desert expanses and the psychedelic hues of the sunset, emerges “The Fred.” 
This extraordinary effects pedal is a journey through time and space, a psychedelic tribute by David Catching, the legendary musician and producer, to Fred Drake, the co-founder of Rancho de la Luna studio and his dear friend.
David chose to dedicate “The Fred” to Fred Drake to honor his musical legacy and creative vision. We take pride in bringing forth this unparalleled sonic masterpiece.

FUZZ:The pulsating core of “The Fred” is its powerful fuzz circuit. With a wide range of tones, it allows you to create a distorted and overwhelming sound.
PHASE SHIFTER: A mirage in the desert, a kaleidoscopic musical adventure. Activating it transforms your sound into a psychedelic journey through uncharted sonic dimensions.
REVERB: “The Fred’s” reverb is an immersion into a psychedelic dream—a challenge to perception. With every note, we draw closer to the heart of Fred Drake’s inspiration and David Catching’s creative energy.


David Catching
David Catching
Gibson SG
Fender Telecaster
Fender Jazz Bass


GRANCASINO FACTORY was founded by two friends and musicians who have been playing for 30 years. They have a deep love for vintage sounds and have decided to create their brand to bring their idea of sound to the market, based on their thirty years of experience.

GRANCASINO FACTORY has a clear vision of what it wants to offer today’s musicians: products made only by hand with excellent quality in terms of components, materials, robustness, and extraordinary old-school sound.

Each pedal is strictly handmade with screen-printed aluminum and two sides of painted wood, high-quality components, and a customized PCB board.

GRANCASINO FACTORY products are intentionally “no pedalboard friendly”,

do not require batteries, and are powered only by common 9-volt power supplies. The design is simple, spartan, minimalist, and practical.

The pedals are very sturdy yet lightweight.


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